The following are some of my go-to resources for my playing:

Recommended Zoom Settings for Musicians

Website for Linda Strommen. Contains excellent resources under “Teaching Materials” as well as some inspiring recording samples.

Understanding the Oboe Reed by Graham Salter: A fascinating book with an excellent section on the American oboe reed by Elaine Douvas and Linda Strommen.
Available from TrevCo Music or RDG Woodwinds.

Sound in Motion: A Performer’s Guide to Greater Musical Expression by David McGill: A great read for sorting out musical details, developing a more complete understanding of how notes relate to one another, and being clear and intentional in one’s musical preparation. Available on Amazon.

Zoom iQ7: An incredibly handy microphone that can be plugged into an iPhone or iPad and used along with the phone/tablet’s built-in camera to easily create videos with high-quality audio. A solid and reasonably-priced option for festival, recital, lesson, or practice recordings.